Sometimes you have to let go of things, its hard but time heals and time will allow you to let go of whatever it is. You can't dwell on anything in life.. You simply have to move on and start over with your life. Life doesn't pause it keeps going, time keeps ticking. Don't ever let… Continue reading Significance


  Keep your head up, the sun is always shining.. Even on the bad days when nothing seems to be going right. Stay positive💯💜 Just think things could be going a lot worse.

The world is filled with crazy stuff, so that means we have to be strong. We have to be there for one another. Life is also filled with problems, some we have to deal with on our own. Some people don't have anyone's help, like others. So what we need to do as humans going through… Continue reading

What a relationship is

I believe that when your in a relationship as well as marriage both people need to think about each other for every single decision they make in their lives. It’s all about equality when its that way. Unless you are single you can think about yourself and do as you please, but your life in… Continue reading What a relationship is

Sometimes you have to overlook the small things to get the big things.

I wasn't always patient. I used to be the most impatient person, when I was younger my mom would buy me toys and I'd be sitting in the back seat wanting to reach into the bags and open it right away.. I was soo impatient. I would make jokes with my grandfather because he's the… Continue reading Sometimes you have to overlook the small things to get the big things.