Sometimes you have to overlook the small things to get the big things.

I wasn’t always patient. I used to be the most impatient person, when I was younger my mom would buy me toys and I’d be sitting in the back seat wanting to reach into the bags and open it right away.. I was soo impatient. I would make jokes with my grandfather because he’s the same as me. We couldn’t wait for people to get ready, we just wanted them to jump in the car however they were dressed and leave. He once said, “No el dia que yo tengo paciencia¬†me muero” (The day I have patience will be the day i die) I hoped he wasn’t serious but it always made me think. Now that I’m older I have the most patience I never thought I’d ever obtain. But my point is that having patience will bring you much more success. Being patient and giving things time might seem so long, but it will be so worth it in the end. You may be wanting something now but it’s not a need. We often search for the things we don’t need, but the things we want. So, what’s best for people and what I recommend you try is to learn to have patience and pay attention to how much more relaxed your life will be.



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