All the tools you need to start being creative.


Well, in my case all I needed was a pen and paper. The computer used to be unnecessary. But, now that I’m writing a blog online about everything I’d write about on paper it’s more than necessary. I’m not too much of a technology fan… that’s my friends job, so whenever I do something I’m a little old-fashioned, just a little I don’t date back to pagers, whenever I need to write an email I write it before I type it and review it several times to make sure it’s at it’s best then I’ll have him proofread it, even though I’m the one whose the “professional writer” not bragging at all, but if you see how he writes compared to me you’d understand. Guys just don’t care about their writing. It’s funny he basically drafts thing’s and I edit it and proofread what he writes for almost everything. At the moment we are both starting our own online businesses, his consists of selling watches and mines is a blog for females, point is sometimes I give him my role because when I write things I feel I need his approval mostly because I like when he notices my brilliant mind (for those who feel I’m bragging this is simple sarcasm). It’s like sharing something with your best friend because you feel it’s amazing and you can’t help but show him you created that something amazing. Just like I have him reading this now and he’s telling me I’m being a bragger, thing is, I don’t even notice how I say things because I’m so used to saying things however they come out and since I’m not a person to gloat about the things I have I don’t see what he and most others see. This isn’t even bragging or anything like that, but my whole point to this post is to explain that you don’t need all the fancy devices and newest technology to write anything you want, you just need to grab a pencil, paper, go to a quiet place to write or loud whatever you prefer and helps you think and focus and start to pour out your heart and minds creativity. Most people have a muse as to why they write and it helps them create the best novels, poetry, articles, etc. Be your own inspiration, I tell myself.. What is going to happen when you have no one else and you can’t find anyone to be your muse? Your going to have a hard time because you basically relied upon on all these other people to inspire you. Be your own muse, inspiration, goal and go start your dreams of becoming a writer, singer, dancer, fashion artist, whatever it is you want to do, go do it. It’s never too late.drink-coffee2.jpg (1280×853)



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