Sometimes you have to let go of things, its hard but time heals and time will allow you to let go of whatever it is. You can’t dwell on anything in life.. You simply have to move on and start over with your life. Life doesn’t pause it keeps going, time keeps ticking. Don’t ever let someone effect your life decisions. That’s not something you should let anyone do to you. Your life is precious, your life is valuable. Your life is worth everything so start believing that and acting like it. You can’t let stupid people make you feel bad or make you sad or feel down because at the end of the day your life is your life and no one can change that. Your life is yours not theirs. Your life is everything you have and what you make of it is what matters, not these people. These people out here are ignorant and selfless. They take your energy and your happiness just so they can make themselves feel better, but it won’t change anything significant because they can’t obtain it for themselves. They need someone that they can bash all the time, they need someone that they can put down and talk crap to. It helps them feel better. Why? Because they love to gloat about what they have. Even if we don’t think they have alot. They love to make people feel bad about everything and remind you that you have nothing and they have everything. But everything isn’t money, everything isn’t about having a car. They don’t realize that they may have these things but they still lack love and affection and care for, and from other people. They have nothing in our eyes, we have what we need and what we value. We have what’s important. We don’t need the material things because its not what we value, its not what we want in our lives. 

To be continued..


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