What’s worse? Living a life full of fear, stress and more that you don’t really get to live how you imagined growing up as a child? Going on vacations and clubs, and beach parties. What about living a life where your told what to do every minute of the day for 8+ hours? Having 30min breaks and going back to hours of standing or walking around all day carrying things back and fourth? There’s decisions to make if we want to be living an actual happy life, a life where we make our own decisions and we are our own boss. If you have an idea, do it! There’s nothing to loose because you haven’t tried anything big in life yet. You haven’t risked anything so you have no reason, no excuse to not jump and do something you truly want. Pick a career you actually like, not a career you have to do because of circumstances. Yeah its true we all have to start from somewhere, so why not explore while your doing that shitty career. Your not working all day 24|7. You have free time whether its at 6pm or 1am you still have that time, in order to succeed in life and your career you will first have to give up a various amount of things so that you can get started and make it big. Nothing comes easy, youll loose sleep, hanging out with friends, sometimes being so focused you forget to eat, but that’s not always a bad thing. You won’t die from it. The most successful people went through the same maybe even more than that, so don’t think you have it bad just yet. Stop procrastinating and go learn different ways to start a career you will actually enjoy and love!


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