My name is Erzulie, I’m 19, omg I know what’s a 19-year-old doing making a girls blog about relationships and things we go through as females!? Shouldn’t she be older? Well, in all fairness, I’m a female myself lol and I’d like to believe that some of the things you’ve gone through I’ve been through as well. Plus, I’ve been doing my research and I found that not many girls even “older women” don’t have that support they need or the comfort they are looking for or the space to go and just vent out all their problems. So I’ve taken the liberty of making a space for you! This is a place for the girls to get out and have some girl time. Relax, chat with other females about anything you’d like, read articles about relationships, read motivational tips and quotes as well as entertaining pictures. This place is just for you. I’d like to call myself your fairy godmother, giving you the freedom to come and escape your life for a few minutes maybe hours. I hope you like my blog as well as getting to know me as I am you.